Registration for FT2020 is OPEN

參賽費用 Entry Fees

  • race pack (T-shirt, socks, gifts, insurance,…)
  • fee includes entry to Sunday celebration (non participants 200NTD – can buy during race pack pickup)
  • there is not chip deposit (disposable – exchange with finisher gift)
  • registration link:

Registration Periods

  • STANDARD Period ~ 31/8/2020
    • till 31st August 2020 (or fill up capacity of each distance)
  • LATE BIRD 1/9/2020 ~
    • +20% on price
    • spot in every distance is not guaranteed
    • T-shirt and gift are not guaranteed

Registration fee – Standard Period

  • 8 km
    410m D+
    start 8:30am
    ⏰ 4 hours
  • 16 km
    710m D+
    trail run
    start 8:00am
    ⏰ 6 hours
  • 40 km
    2400m D+
    trail run
    start 5:30am
    ⏰ 13 hours
    UTMB/UTMF qualification
    ITRA-2 S
  • 75 km
    4100m D+
    ultra marathon
    start 4:00am
    ⏰ 20 hours
    UTMB/UTMF qualification
    ITRA-4 L
  • 104 km
    5650m D+
    start 4:00am
    ⏰ 29 hours
    UTMB/UTMF qualification
    ITRA-5 XL

Registration fee – Standard Bird Period

DistanceRegistration fee – Early Bird Period
8km1300 NTD
16km1800 NTD
40km2800 NTD
75km4000 NTD
104km5700 NTD
notice: fee include VAT

WAIT LIST for 40km (if full):

  • please input your name and email (do not use yahoo and hotmail)
  • if spot is released you will receive notification and have to register withing 48hours
  • Significant runner (ITRA 550+) or elite and overseas players may contact us via email and we will give you priority on waiting list
  • if you already registered and cannot attend you cannot pass your spot to friend but apply for 50% refund before 31/8/2020


  • Please choose carefully your shirt during registration, changes will not be possible
  • Shirts are guaranteed for those who register before August 31th or while quantity lasts as first come first serve. If requested size of shirt is not available you will get automatically bigger.
  • no onsite registration (for insurance matter)
  • 8km is fun-hike category (include event shirt, not chip), there is not ranking and organizers encourage participant wear aboriginal dress (gift for best dressed)
  • no chip deposit (disposable chip)


  • 請仔細選擇您的紀念衫尺寸,將有可能數量不夠而無法更換
  • 若8月31日之前付款之參賽者,將以先付款先得形式分發跑步背心,數量有限,額滿即止
  • 沒有提供賽事現場臨時報名(因保險需要)
  • 8公里是趣味-健行組別(包含活動T-Shirt),沒有排名,主辦單位鼓勵參賽者可以穿戴原住民服飾(將提供獎品給最棒穿著的選手)
  • 沒有晶片押金(一次性晶片)


  • *join Formosa Ultra-Trail® 104km required be finisher at least 50km of trail race (ITRA-3, better ITRA-4) (eg. The Beast Trail 50k, Ultra Maokong 50k)
  • *join 75km required be finisher at least 30km of trail race (ITRA-2, better ITRA-3)  (eg. Run Through The Jungle 34k, The Beast Trail 25k)
  • *join 40km required be finisher at least 25km of trail race (ITRA-1) (eg. The Beast Trail 25k)
  • find your ITRA record and note it during registration:
  • for 104-75-40k is condition to have adequate ITRA record and experience
  • *Don’t have ITRA ranking, but other relevant trail running/fast hiking experiences AND understand the difficulty of the event? Contact us!


  • *參加104公里需求: 至少完成50公里以上越野賽事(ITRA-3,最好是有ITRA-4) (例如: 野獸山徑50公里,ULTRA Maokong 50公里)
  • *參加75公里需求: 至少完成30公里以上越野賽事(ITRA-2,最好是有ITRA-3)(例如. 叢林野跑 34公里,野獸山徑25公里)
  • *參加40公里需求: 至少完成25公里以上越野賽事(ITRA-1) (例如: 野獸山徑25公里)
  • 請查閱您的ITRA點數並且在報名系統上加以備註:
  • *如果您沒有ITRA的積分,但是有其他相關越野/路跑/疾速健行的經驗,而且了解這活動的困難度?歡迎與我們連繫

ELITE Athletes

  • ITRA 700+ for man*
  • ITRA 580+ for woman*
  • OR runners who are amongst the top 5 of their country*
  • Notice
    • *free entry for 75km or 104km
    • *free entry request has to claim via email
    • *up to 2 elite of one nationality
    • *in early bird or standard registration period
    • *be present in press conference to which are invited


due to technical aspect on the trail the capacity of runners has to be limited

  • 8km: 150 hikers (kids 5-12 years with one adult, or 13-18 with agreement of parents)
  • 16km: 500 runners (if less than 350 in one wave, if more than in two waves separated by ITRA qutation by 15 minutes, runners under 18 years has send us agreement of parents)
  • 40km: 300 runners
  • 75km: 200 runners (75 and 100km start together at 4:00am)
  • Formosa Ultra-Trail® 104km: 250 runners (75 and 100km start together at 4:00am, 104km participants can decide (or will be cut) in cpD, if continue or can switch to 75km category (but no prizes if ranked)



  • 8公里: 150位(小孩5到12歲,須有一位長輩陪同,或13到18歲,家長必須簽署家長同意書)7
  • 16公里: 500位(參賽人數如少於350位,只有一階段開跑,如果超過將有兩階段開跑時間,由性別分開,女生組會在男生組開跑後15分鐘起跑,或反之亦然,如果參賽者低於18歲,請寄家長同意書給我們)
  • 40公里: 300位
  • 75公里: 200位(75及100公里於凌晨4點整同時起跑)
  • Formosa Ultra-Trail® 104公里: 250位(75及100公里,100公里參賽者可以決定(或是將會被關門),開跑40公里後是否繼續並且以75公里完賽(與75公里組一起排名但不會提供獎品)

How to Register:

  • See for more details: How to Register
  • You will be directed to Beast Runners event registration system
  • Please read BR rules BR rules
  • No refund or partial refunds
  • Understand and sign up Entry Disclaimer and give to organizers during race pack pickup
  • Please fill out the registration form with your personal details
  • Please choose payment option (ATM in Taiwan, PayPal-credit card) and press Proceed to Finalize Registration. You have to see “Thank You” page.
  • You will receive more information via email from registration  system
    • please check SPAM folder or ‘Promotions’ folder in Gmail
    • try avoid hotmail or yahoo
  • ITRA
    • Please note we need your ENGLISH NAME and SURNAME and NATIONALITY (IAAF code) for ITRA results
    • Your ITRA GENERAL COTATION (3 digits number, if not record fill 0)
  • It is possible register a group – choose right Qty of each distance
  • Note that no refunds will be provided for request of cancellation, but you are able to transfer your entry to anyone else with a 400NTD administration fee
  • Payment method:
    • Credit card or Paypal (additional fee 4.5%, not available for credit card registered in Taiwan)
    • CREDIT CARD payments (backup) – if you are overseas and have problem with credit card or PayPal payment please go to our eshop, purchase your items and proceed shopping with same email as in registration. Please choose ECPay – credit card to pay. We will confirm registration in few days:
    • Bank/ATM Transfer only for Taiwan (account: E SUN (808) / 0554-940-006524)
    • If you really prefer use direct deposit from abroad you need use name of account holder: 台灣跑山獸工作室羅勃依婉 (Taiwan Beast Runners)
    • please UPLOAD Your Proof of Payment (only for bank or ATM transfer)


  • 更詳細資訊請看: 如何按照步驟報名
  • 將會直接連結到Beast Runners 活動報名系統
  • 請詳細閱讀野獸規則
  • 沒有提供退費或是部分退費
  • 瞭解並請於領取物資時簽回參賽同意書
  • 請填寫個人詳細資料
  • 請選擇付款項目(台灣區ATM,PayPal-信用卡) ,並且按 ” Proceed to Finalize Registration ” (處理)完成您的報名。必須進入”Thank you”(謝謝)的頁面才算是成功報名。
  • email信箱將會收到報名的資訊
    • 如沒有收到,請確認是否在垃圾郵件或是”促銷”資料夾
    • 避免使用hotmail或yahoo信箱,以免收不到信件。
  • ITRA
    • 請注意! 因ITRA的需要,請填寫完整英文名字(請以英語拼音輸入),姓氏(請以英語拼音輸入)及國籍(IAAF code)
    • 您的ITRA積分(3位數,如果沒有請填上0 )
  • 團體報名請於下方報名表格點選Qty
  • 取消報名沒有提供退費,但名額可轉讓給其他選手,轉換手續費400元台幣
  • 付款方式:
    • 用卡或PayPal(額外費用4.5%,沒有適合在台灣註冊的信用卡)
    • CREDIT CARD payments (backup) – if you are overseas and have problem with credit card or PayPal payment please go to our eshop, purchase your items and proceed shopping with same email as in registration. Please choose ECPay – credit card to pay. We will confirm registration in few days:
    • 銀行轉帳限於台灣帳戶(帳戶: 玉山銀行(808) / 0554-940-006524)
    • 請上傳付款證明(只限於ATM轉帳)

(BR registration system)

Upload proof of payment
(ATM in Taiwan)

BR Rules and Entry Disclaimer
(read before sign up)

Event Rules
(and Mandatory Equipment)