TRAIL Ultramarathon on forgotten trails of aboriginal hunters in the center of Taiwan – FORMOSA.

  • 104km Formosa Ultra-Trail® / 5650m D+ (ITRA-5 XL, UTMB® Index 100k)
  • 75km / 4100m D+ (ITRA-4 L, UTMB® Index 100k)
  • 40km / 2400m D+ (ITRA-2 S, UTMB® Index 50k)
  • 16km / 710m D+ (ITRA-0 XXS, UTMB® Index 20k)
  • 8km / 400m D+ hiking

The UTMB® Index is calculated for each of the 4 UTMB® World Series race categories 20K, 50K, 100K and 100M.
A valid UTMB® Index is achieved by completing at least one UTMB® World Series Major, UTMB® World Series Event or UTMB® World Series Qualifier race in the relevant category within the last 24 months. Once a race category has been activated, all races from the past 36 months will be used to calculate the UTMB® Index.
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24th November 2023 – Expo / race pack
25th November 2023 – RACE DAY
26th November 2023 – Celebration

Registration is will open in May

The Western States® 100-Mile Endurance Run

104km Formosa Ultra-Trail® 2022 is Qualifying Race for Western States® 2024