Mandatory Equipment 強制性裝備

Security is everybody’s affair. Here are some recommendations to make your race a success and enjoyable. We wish everybody can be finisher. Your safety depends upon the quality of the materials which you have in your pack.


Above be equipped by mandatory equipment we have very simple and helpful rule for distances starting in dark: WEAR HEADLAMP LIGHT ON FROM START TO FIRST CHECK POINT (or even more, it is very easy to see our reflective marking, who will be seen without headlamp will be stooped before entry of trail and potentially DSQ)

The course is designed that runner has to be almost independent, so call semi-autonomy. The time spent (irrelevant talk about distance) between check points can be long. Only in CP can gain liquid and energy for next stage, there are not any sources in mountains. There will not be drop bag CP on course and you have to finish with gear which you start (as trekking pole, which we don’t recommend for this course).

Participants has to follow strictly mandatory equipment and certain rules otherwise may be disqualified. Before and during the event will be random check of your gear, if you will miss any mandatory equipment you may not continue without it. You can let any garbage in CP, but don’t pollute on course.




Course marking 賽道標示

All courses are marked with ORANGE/REFLECTIVE Taiwan Beast Runners ribbons. Runner has to pay attention for marking and be present on course, in case feel lost return back in same way to last ribbon and figure out.

Change of direction or turns will be marked at least with two closer ribbons and within 50 meters will be situated confirmation ribbon. In trail without turns will be ribbons at least every 200 m. Signs of direction will be used rarely; there will not be marshals on course.

Short cuts are not permitted. Every runner must stay on the way-marked paths. Any runner who voluntarily leaves the way-marked path is no longer under the responsibility of the organization.

所有的賽程會由橘色反光條標示Taiwan Beast Runners,選手必須注意標示及出席賽事,如果發現迷路了,請沿著原路回到上一標示點再確認路線。方向改變或是轉彎處至少會有兩條較靠近的布條,範圍在50公尺內的有確認布條。山徑裡如果沒有轉彎的地方,至少每200公尺會一個標示。不會使用太多的方向指標,賽道中也不會有工作人員。



GPS device

We strongly recommend use GPS device. It is not usually mistake of organizers you get lost – marking can be removed or lost pay attention.

  • GPS watch – upload course is very simple process for Suunto
  • SmartPhone APP (if you do not have GPS watch)
    • iPhone app –
    • Android – Locus Map Free
  • go to section of Course for .gpx files and maps



Cut Times 關門時限

The maximum time for the event, for the totality of the course is:

  • 104km: 29hours
  • 65km: 18 hours
  • 40km: 13 hours
  • 16km: 6 hours
  • 8km: 4 hours

Cut times in each CP will be specified to enable participants to reach the finish after maximum time. In the case of poor meteorological conditions and/or for reasons of safety, the organization reserves the right to modify the course and the time barriers.

This event will be held during raining. Should there be any typhoons (land warning) nor any natural disaster; in order for participants’ safeties, organizers have the right to cancel, delay, or change the event schedule (routes). For updates, please refer to organizer’s announcement.


  • 104公里: 29小時
  • 65公里: 18小時
  • 40公里: 13小時
  • 16公里: 6小時
  • 8公里: 4小時



Medical assistance 救援和醫療援助

  • It is forbidden to DNF between check points. If you decide to leave the race, you can do it only at an organized official check point.
  • Your safety depends upon the quality of the materials which you have in your pack.
  • First aid posts are positioned at Check Points.
  • Attention! It is obligatory that you do not leave a person who is in difficulty alone.
  • If you or another competitor is immobilized:
    • Call the race organizers number 0963-539-346
    • Give your position and reference point (use map from organizers)
    • Explain simply the situation


  • If you are in difficulty and telephone network is unavailable:
    • Wait for another runner and try to find an area where network is available together
    • Wait for a third runner and ask to alert the closest member of the organization
    • Stay with the second runner until the rescue team arrives
    • Remember: Assisting an injured runner in difficulty is an absolute must.
  • Expenses incurred, resulting from emergency assistance or evacuation, are payable by the person rescued who is also responsible for all costs relating to their return from the area to where they were rescued.
  • If for any reason it is impossible to make contact with the course organizer, you can call directly the rescue services (especially if you find yourselves in a zone « emergency call only » as several sections do not have mobile network coverage).
  • 除了傷病的特殊情況,參賽選手不能在檢查站之外的地方退出比賽。參賽選手必須通知檢查站的負責人,由工作人員記錄號碼布號碼並 取回電子計時芯片作為退出手續。
  • 參賽選手的安全將取決於跟身的指定裝備之品質。
  • 急救站設於賽道不同位置,可參看大會地圖。 比賽期間將有醫療隊伍值班。
  • 注意!發揮互助精神,若遇上其他參賽者受傷或不適,應加以援手並通知急救站的工作人員。
  • 如果在比賽過程中出現不宜作賽或嚴重受傷的情況,請及時尋求協助:
    • 致電主辦單位 0963-539-346
    • 提供您的位置及參考點
    • 簡單敘述遇到的情形


  • 假如您遇到任何困難,並且手機沒有訊號:
    • 請在原地等待其他選手,並且一起找到有手機訊號的地方
    • 等其他選手並請他尋
    • 在無法聯絡主辦單位的情況下,可以直接撥打救援電話(特別身處不在移動網絡覆蓋範圍內,請使用« 緊急呼救»。


Drop Bags 寄物

It is semi-autonomy event and drop bag are only at start/finish. Please mark you bag and drop it in certain place with assistance in race start. Organizer will not be responsible for individual valuable goods. Organizer will not be responsible for loses of individual valuable goods/items.


Drop Bag in Check Point C NEW in 2017
  • Participants can leave one small drop bag for check point C (加德宮 Jia De Temple)
  • One transparent plastic bag and card will be provided to you during race pack collection period. Please ensure the bag has inner card with your BIB.
  • The CP-C bags must be dropped at starting point of the race in appropriate area (drop bag CP-C) before start of race.
  • All bags will be available in CP-C after 10am and ransfer back to venue after 5pm.
  • You have to collect drop bags before 10am on Sunday. Any bags not collected before this time may be disposed or reused.
  • Please note that the race organizers are not responsible for any loss or damage to any equipment in the drop bags, please do not leave valuable items in the bags.
  • Please note there is certain mandatory equipment for whole course (as head lamp, jacket, whistle, phone with Taiwan operator, space blanket,…)
  • What to include in drop bag?
    • Following section include 1500m vertical ascent
    • You are heading to night and it may be cold!
    • Extra food
    • Spare Socks or shoes
    • Extra cloth
    • Extra batteries or spare light (good head lamp is mandatory on start, two lights are mandatory behind CP-C!!)
    • We do not recommend put poles to drop bag (it may accidentally band)
    • Anti-chafing cream, tape,…


Check Points 檢查點

  • When you get to the CP it is your responsible for been seen by volunteers who will record your Bib number. Runners have to follow orders of marshals in Check Points. And follow strictly cut time in CP.
  • All runners have to fill up hydration system to full in every CP and be sure with energy reserve (we strongly recommended Runivore Chia on Date Superfood Bar which is very nutrient and don’t neutral for stomach, another option is Tailwind liquid nutrition).
  • Do not stop on the course, if you need rest please stop in Check Points.
  • Outside assistance from supporters is only permitted at the checkpoints (only in cp-B and cp-C, another CP are very hard to access).
  • To avoid the wastage of disposable plastic cups during the race, every runner has to equip himself with cup, bottle or bladder.
  • 每個參賽選手都必須掛上號碼布。號碼布須置於衣服正面並清晰可見(請勿將號碼布掛在側面或折疊,否則計時系統將無法識別記錄)。沒有全程掛上號碼布的參賽選手將被處罰。
  • 選手必須遵守休息站工作人員的指示,並且遵守嚴格的關門時間。所有選手所攜帶的水袋必須在每個休息站裝滿水,並且必須確定有足夠的能量補給(我們建議Runivore 奇亞子能量棒是非常具有能量及養分,也不會讓胃感覺腫漲,另外選擇是TaiWind的液體營養素)。
  • 請不要在賽程中突然停止,如果需要休息的話,請在休息站處休息。
  • 支援人員只限於各個檢查站提供支援。檢查站以外不允許支援(如發現參賽選手於檢查站以外領取食物或飲料,將對參與者予以懲罰)。 (only in cp-B and cp-C, another CP are very hard to access).
  • 在比賽過程中,為了避免浪費大量即棄膠杯,所有參賽選手都需配備水壺或者水袋。


Chip and Timing System

  • We use our own chip system. Tag on wrist and scan by smartphone. We are sorry for possible slow process of scanning in check points or finish line.
  • Please wear BIB on front of body OR show in each control point. We do also manual backup on paper sheet!
  • Please wear chip on wrist.
    • Reusable wristband – tide it securely twice in fasten
    • Secured wristband – cannot open, please tide on your wrist comfortably
  • All results of our past events can find here:


Eco responsibility 環保責任

The activity, trail-running, takes place in open country, in contact to the flora and fauna. Please safe environment, don’t damage parts of nature as rocks, trees., etc. It is strictly prohibited to leave litter in the nature. Any runner seen throwing his rubbish on the course will be automatically disqualified. Please let rubbish in Check Points.



Event cancellation 活動取消

The organizers reserve the right to cancel or cut short the event for the following reasons: adverse weather conditions, landslides, rockfalls or hill fires along the course, protests or blockage along the course, force majeure i.e. due to occurrence of incidents that are beyond the control of the organizer and which renders it impossible, unsafe or impractical to hold the event. A force majeure event shall include, but is not limited to, act of God, war, hostilities, acts or threats of terrorism. In such event no refund of the registration fee will be provided..

主辦單位有權決定是否取消或縮短路線,如遇下列狀況: 極端天氣狀況,坍方,土石流,落石,若逢颱風或嚴重的豪雨,集會遊行,抗議或堵塞沿著路線等人力不可抗力之天災及人為因素等。