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運動達人全能濕巾昰RacingPro最實用的30x60cm全能濕巾產品,清潔,高凈化無菌純水,溫和保養,拿來擦拭身體: 在山上過夜,野獸訓練營後,坐捷運回家,任何時間都可以擦拭您的身體,讓身體保持乾爽及清潔。






Beast prices of great products which Taiwan Beast Runners use. Please just contact us directly (info@taiwanbeastrunners.com, 0963539346) if you wish any of the product below (even you already registered), we can help you choose and you will get it with race pack. Don't miss this offer.

Like calf or other compression products, we use COMPRESSPORT

Don’t forget pack at least 600 kCal water to your bag, RUNIVORE Chia on Date bars or new Chia Cacao Express Runivore bar are healthy and full of energy snack.

RACINGPRO gave you 20% off for BCAA products, Electrolytes capsules and gels, Beast Trail is in middle of summer, please bring electrolytes! Very practical product is 30x60cm Athletic Body Wipe of RacingPro: Stay overnight in mountains, after training (Beast GYM) before get MRT, any time can use it and wipe your body.

You have first chance order very interesting Endurance Fuel TAILWIND, it will provide lot energy and electrolytes during your runs. Don’t miss this product, we tested and recommend it. You could find it in checkpoint in 2015 and in Run Through The Jungle.

FEREI HL40 head torche are intelligent lights, no cheapest, but if you think of running over night or do 100+ km you should have stable and strong light! 25% discount will not repeat. Don’t forget take headlamp and hand torch for 50km and 100km!

ELMORE OIL and PERNATON for your cure and relax. Like honey? HONYGARDEN with best quality honey from Thailand served right now for your breakfast. Healthy cook with HITO olive oil, high quality and healty for best price.

Very interesting product is Active Patch 4U, used by Kilian, Emili and Anton. It has similar function as acupuncture (but no any impact on skin), it reflect body bioenergy back and increase such important blood circulation in place of muscle discomfort or even in cuts etc.

Please prepare seriously for real challenge on 25th June 2016, see you on Beast Trail.


Runivore team are strong partner of Taiwan Beast Runners. Racing or trail adventure need full of energy bars from Runivore.

吃超級食物及跑步。奇亞子及奇亞子能量運動棒,維持您不斷行動的非常天然又健康的能量! 目前台灣跑山獸代理銷售中。

EAT SUPERFOOD and RUN. Chia seeds and energy sports bars Chia on Date. Very natural and healthy energy which will keep you moving.

Runivore Chia SINGLES (10x 10g)

recommended for traveling or tear to water before race

This new design has been developed to bring you better stability and better support from your backpack. You will be impressed by its comfort and by the lChia-Up and Run! What the heck does that mean? It means eat chia, power up and hit the trails. Loaded with Carbs, Protein, Fiber, Omega-3, and plenty more nutrients runners gotta have.More description in english here.

加購價200NTD (原價:250NTD)


Beast comment: Best price for best quality chia seeds in Taiwan. Add it anywhere.

Drink dense chia drink (Runivore Chia Fresca) before race will keep you hydrated and energized bit longer.

加購價350NTD (原價:450NTD)  (450NTD/1pack, 350NTD/2+packs)

RUNIVORE Bars (12pcs)  official energy bar of TBT

  • Chia on DATE Runivore Bar (12pcs)
  • Chia CACAO Esspress Runivore Bar (12pcs) (natural caffeine)
  • Chia on DATE Runivore Bar (6pcs) +Chia CACAO Esspress (6pcs) (day to night combo)
加購價850NTD (原價:1080NTD)


practical pack 1/3 of Runivore bar

  • Chia on DATE Runivore BITES (15pcs)
  • Chia CACAO Esspress Runivore BITES (15pcs)
加購價450NTD (原價:500NTD)

set: 1x 350g Runivore Chia Seeds + 6x Chia on DATE Runivore bar

  • 1x 350g Runivore Chia Seeds + 6x Chia on DATE Runivore bar
  • 1x 350g Runivore Chia Seeds + 6x Chia CACAO Esspress Runivore Bar
加購價750NTD (原價:990NTD)

Tailwind Tailwind Endurance Fuel 耐力燃料

1 serving = 27g = 100kCal


Tailwind混合水可以達到您所有想要的卡路里,補充水分及所需電解質,而不會使您的胃不舒服或讓味蕾反抗。只要把它與水攪拌在瓶子或水袋裡,搖一下即可食用! 快速完成補充卡路里,電解質及水份。

Tailwind 耐力燃料


Tailwind混合水可以達到您所有想要的卡路里,補充水分及所需電解質,而不會使您的胃不舒服或讓味蕾反抗。只要把它與水攪拌在瓶子或水袋裡,搖一下即可食用! 快速完成補充卡路里,電解質及水份。

Tailwind Endurance Fuel

Tested by Beast Runners, such great liquid nutrition with energy and electrolytes which you need during endurance.

Tailwind mixes with water to meet all your calorie, hydration, and electrolyte needs, without upsetting your stomach or making your taste buds revolt. Just toss it in a bottle or hydration pack, shake, and GO! Complete calories, electrolytes, and hydration: Ditch the gels, chews, and pills, and go all day with just Tailwind. No gut bombs: Stomach problems? You’ll love Tailwind. Unless you enjoy being doubled over, retching.

Beast comment: One serving is 27g and has 100kCal and electrolytes. It avoid hungry and keep you in very comfortable regime during run. Eat your favourite food or bars and you have all what you need during long endurance. Stomach problems stoped many skilled runners, no eveyrbody can eat accept food properly in hot weather, in night time, when tired... Much easier with Tailwind. It is yummy, don't drink all to fast.

taste: Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Unflavoured, Berry, Raspberry Buzz (czffeinated)

  • 50-serving bag Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Unflavoured, Berry, 加購價 1550NTD
  • 50-serving bag Raspberry Buzz (caffeinated), 加購價 1650NTD
  • 2-serving stick Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Unflavoured, Berry, 加購價 100NTD
  • 2-serving stick Raspberry Buzz (caffeinated), 加購價 105NTD


Grower'sCUP coffee

丹麥頂極Grower's cup隨身濾泡咖啡 巴西/宏都拉斯/瓜地馬拉/衣索比亞 四種莊園豆豐富你的味蕾,便利你的戶外生活。

  • 巴西咖啡
  • 宏都拉斯咖啡
  • 瓜地馬拉咖啡
  • 衣索匹亞咖啡

WEBSITE: www.growerscup.com


FEREI head torches 頭燈

very recommended for 65 and 100km

如果您報名野獸山徑,可折購25% Ferei HL40。請直接聯絡跑山獸,我們可以幫您選擇怎及訂購。

The compact and lightweight Ferei HL40 Li-ion powered LED headlamp is one of the brightest, toughest and most intelligent headlamps available on the international market, making it the ideal torch for trail running as well as camping, hiking, caving and fishing.



如果您報名野獸山徑,可折購25% Ferei HL40。+charge USB cable for free


Ferei head torches

Great discount 25% (+charge USB cable for free) for Ferei HL40 headlamp Torch is active for The Beast Trail registered.
HL40 will come with practical USB charger, read more about HL40: http://www.taiwanbeastrunners.com/shop/ferei-hl40/
The compact and lightweight Ferei HL40 Li-ion powered LED headlamp is one of the brightest, toughest and most intelligent headlamps available on the international market, making it the ideal torch for trail running as well as camping, hiking, caving and fishing.
Beast comment: You don't want be in Taiwan forest without light. Gonna run ultra over night? You need stable light and here it is. Remember, still take hand torch for foggy conditions and backup.
加購價 3390NTD (原價:4490NTD)
  • FEREI 頭燈 HL40 (Ferei rechargeable 3.400mAh Li-ion battery + power plug + free USB cable) 加購價 3390NTD (原價:4750NTD) VERY RECOMMENDED
  • Ferei 3.400mAh Li-ion battery (additional) +580NTD
  • Ferei Headlamp Diffuser for HL40 +290NTD
  • Ferei 3xAA Battery Box for HL40 +440NTD
  • Ferei Li-ion Quad Battery Pack (10,400mAh) +1990NTD

  Ferei-HL40-back1 Ferei HL40 box Ferei HL40 USB

Ferei 3.400mAh Li-ion battery

Ferei Headlamp Diffuser for HL40

Ferei 3xAA Battery Box for HL40

Ferei Li-ion Quad Battery Pack (10,400mAh)



Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is right choice for sports man. Enjoy your salat, meal in healthy way with HITO. more about HITO www.hitocorp.com

HITO Olimed特級初榨橄欖油 250ml

加購價275NTD (原價: 300 NTD)

HITO Olimed特級初榨橄欖油 500ml

加購價400NTD (原價: 450 NTD)

HITO Olimed特級初榨橄欖油 1000ml

加購價540NTD (原價: 600 NTD)

HITO Biozait特級初榨橄欖油 500ml

加購價590NTD (原價: 660 NTD)

HITO Olizumo特級初榨橄欖油 750ml

加購價430NTD (原價: 480 NTD)

HITO Olizumo特級初榨橄欖油 5000ml

加購價1890NTD (原價: 2100 NTD)

HITO ole s



Energy Gels, Electrolyte in capsule, BCAA+Glucosamin & Collagen, BCAA+Aerobic...

RacingPro Energy gel (10 bags)

補充運動中流失的能量 , 同時幫您增氧及補充BCAA

加購價400NTD (原價: 500 NT$)

RacingPro Electrolyte in capsule (120 capsules in bottle)

  • 全新配方給您最佳的爆發力
  • 帶來更持久的肌耐力,做您運動的靠山!!
  • 無論是跑馬 , 三鐵與各持久型耐力賽事最夯的商品

加購價480NTD (原價: 600 NT$)


RacingPro BCAA+Aerobic in capsule (20 capsules in pack)

添加了含氧全新配方的漢方原料 , 不論是從事激烈賽事與高強度的體能活動 , 抑或是從事耐力賽事型運動.

我們的產品除了可以避免乳酸之堆積外 , 更能提供給使用者更好的心肺功能 . 協助選手順利完成每一場挑戰

 加購價195NTD (原價:240 NT$)

RacingPro BCAA+Glucosamin & Collagen (200 capsules in bottle)



 加購價800NTD (原價: 1000 NT$)

RacingPro The Athletic Body Wipe (10packs with 30x60cm wipe)

運動達人 ShowerFree 全能濕巾

  • 清潔,抑菌,添加蘆薈溫和不刺激
  • 不含香料,台灣製造
  • 體積小重量輕,攜帶方便
  • 戶外運動與活動的最佳夥伴

 加購價400NTD (原價: 500 NT$)



Elmore Oil


Natural Remedy For Joint, Back, Neck, and Muscle Pain. Made with four natural ingredients (Eucalyptus Oil, Tea tree Oil, Vanilla, Olive Oil) Elmore Oil is a natural alternative that provides relief to joint, muscle and back pain.


Elmore Oil

  • 澳摩油-澳洲原裝天然神奇舒緩油
  • 跑前熱身跑後舒緩及平日舒緩使用
  • 倫敦奧運馬拉松好手張嘉哲推薦愛用
Natural Remedy For Joint, Back, Neck, and Muscle Pain.
Made with four natural ingredients (Eucalyptus Oil, Tea tree Oil, Vanilla, Olive Oil) Elmore Oil is a natural alternative that provides relief to joint, muscle and back pain.
Beast comment: Even smell of Tea Tree Oil with Eucalyptus Oil make you relaxed.
50ml: 加購價500NTD (原價:700NTD)
125ml: 加購價850NTD (原價:1250NTD)
250ml: 加購價1350NTD (原價:20000NTD)
elmore oil 50ml
elmore oil 50ml
elmore oil 125ml
elmore oil 125ml
elmore oil 250ml
elmore oil 250ml



源 自紐西蘭、瑞士製造 關節保護-百通關凝膠是採自紐西蘭純淨海域的青邊貽貝,利用獨家低溫抽取技術取出原型態葡萄糖胺 GAG(Glycosaminoglycans葡萄胺聚糖),並跨過半個地球由瑞士精密科技製作而成的外用保健用品,外用塗抹可快速補充葡萄糖胺,簡單、 方便、健康。

Joints care – The Pernaton Range of products all contain original Perna extract, a natural therapeutic product from the sea used to help maintain healthy joints. It is produced from the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel which is grown in state controlled areas in the South Pacific waters around New Zealand.  http://www.pernaton.com.tw/

Pernaton 百通關凝膠(cold effect)

百通關凝膠 涼感版 125ml

主要成分(Main Components): GAG 原型態葡萄糖胺,薄荷精油

Beast comment: Use this on the end of hard day give you really join relax.


加購價820NTD (原價:990NTD)

Pernaton 百通關凝膠(hot effect)

百通關凝膠 涼感版 125ml

主要成分(Main Components): GAG 原型態葡萄糖胺,辣椒提取精華, cayenne pepper

Beast comment: It is really hot, it will heat up your overloaded knees and ankles.


加購價800NTD (原價:950NTD)

Taiwan Beast Runners 跑山獸

Trail running and exploring in Taiwan


Beast Buff

Beast comment: This will give you power of Beast. Ehm... and avoid sweat to your face and protect your head from sun and branches of tree also..

加購價99NTD (原價:120NTD)

跑山獸軟水壺 BBB Blue Beast Bottle

325毫升 可折疊咬閥軟水壺

325ml collapsible soft flask with bite valve

Beast comment: One or two additional foldable bottles can avoid you be thirsty in the middle of forest. Simple good.

加購價250NTD (原價:350NTD)

Beast T-Shirt

Beast T-Shirt

Be seen, be beast. Small logo on front, big logo on back. Material and color same as TBT event shirt.

XS, S, M

加購價350NTD (原價:500NTD)

TBR Jersey Petr Eva

TBR Jersey

New Trail Jersey of Beast Runners

very fit shape with fron zip, colar and three back pockets.

Please contact us before order. It is necessary try size of this jersey!

XS, S, M, L, XL (female - male)

加購價1500NTD (原價:1800NTD)



Taiwan headband

Headband with TBR logo and Taiwan motives. Great as souvenir from Taiwan or gift.


加購價350NTD (原價:270NTD)

Formosa Trail headband

Every participants has one in race pack, take more for your friends.

加購價350NTD (原價:280NTD)



100% 瑞士公司,生產機器、原料(布、紗)、染料100%歐洲製造。所有商品符合歐洲生態紡織品標準100(Oeko-Tex Standard 100),環保、安全健康、無毒。每件產品的誕生都是經由醫師、專業運動員以及具備醫療壓縮背景的製造商共同合作、努力的成果。所使用的生產機器可以針對 壓縮肌肉部位做到以毫米為單位的精確程度。

100% Swiss company with 100% European made compression products. Coming from a medical research background and specialist in sports compression. Products improve performance, enhance recovery. During the development of a product, every aspect is examined in details. www.miosports.net


details: http://1drv.ms/1P5NBmk

加購價2690NTD (原價: 3500 NT$)

上衣尺寸表 shirt chart


details: http://1drv.ms/1IM4WzJ

加購價3390NTD (原價: 4500 NT$)

COMPRESSPORT ProR2小腿套(紅/白/黑暫缺)

details: http://1drv.ms/1P5ObQY



details: http://1drv.ms/1P5OlYQ


COMPRESSPORT V2 Trail越野跑短襪(多色)

details: http://1drv.ms/1P5OwTL




Articles from sports activities from Taiwan. Media partner of Taiwan Beast Runners.



Gone Running

Gone Running is not just eshop of Trail gear for Hong Kong runners
Unique product range including hard to find brands and competitive prices. Advice from elite trail runners. ''We want to offer the best products (gear we would use ourselves) as well as knowledgeable advice from top trail runners to make sure you get the kit and nutrition that is best for you.''

Why Gone Running?

Get the gear that's right for you!

Come visit us in our new store at 8B, Trust Tower, 68 Johnston Road in Wanchai (above the two Nike shops near the Pawn).

  • Knowledgeable advice from elite trail and road runners
  • Unique product range including hard to find brands like Tailwind, Ay Up, Ferei and Altra
  • Competitive prices
  • Free next day courier (conditions apply) and international shipping below cost
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed returns policy
  • Free energy gel or Tailwind stick pack if you pay by bank transfer



GO Further. Faster. Easier.

Helps prevent:
  • Chafing
  • Blisters
  • Pruning

Keeping your skin in good shape is absolutely key to any Ultra/Extreme/Endurance race and GurneyGoo is invaluable to racers looking for reliability and consistency/



Blister Chafing and Rubbing Prevention

listers, chafing and pruning (trench foot) are all examples of avoidable problems.
We developed GurneyGoo primarily to deal with these 3 problems.

You’ll know the frustration when your adventure, race or training session is limited, shortened or painful due to something that could have been avoided.

  1. Chafing: Rubbing and friction from clothing, straps and equipment.
  2. Blisters: Painful bubbles from rubbing.
  3. Pruning / trench foot: Wrinkling and softening of skin from being continuously wet. Extreme pruning leads to trench foot which is debilitating.

How to use: www.gurneygoo.com/how-use


GurneyGoo-Pocket-tubes gurneygoo-three-large-tubes-colour-corrected chafing