◈registration for 30/11/2019 will open in April◈

Take your local 健保卡Health Insurance card or your traveling insurance and passport (overseas). 
This will skip process of paying cash in hospital. Each runner has personal insurance from us, 
this may cover most of injuries (external causes). We still recommend for overseas have own insurance.
Any insurance will not be valid if any health problem as Heart operation or heart diseases and similar.
16km has slightly changed course
map: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1O5wRLEAzm1E1aYKJ-YNfjiVModI&usp=sharing
gpx: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzaliwMtDiGZdFNjeF9VaV9pQjg

1] from venue go right and over bridge in the middle of lake
2] behind bridge left and copy lake till new entry to trail 
3] the trails with OLD bridges will be skipped due to very bad condition
4] rest of course is same till
5] river section after last downhill keep left and running over bridge to road

Course and Rules section updated. Please study course and prepare all mandatory equipment (gpx device/smartphone with course is mandatory
Registration open for Early Birds
1st & 2nd December 2018 will be held 3rd edition for Formosa Trail
Registration for Early Birds will open in April
Due to multiple reasons we had to change date.