• Q1. Will be there shuttle bus from Puli center to race start?
    • A1. YES. But we currently negotiate with some hotels in Puli center to provide free transportation to race start to their customers. For not customers will be possible book morning shuttle bus in Beast Runners eshop 3 months prior event. We will announce on website.
    • A1. If capacity allows we recommend stay in Solas Hotel (race venue) or Lake Side hotel (race pack pickup, shuttle bus, 700m from start) during whole weekend include Sunday morning celebration!
  • Q2. Will be there shuttle bus from TAICHUNG aiport.
    • A2. YES. Due changes on flight we need you fill up short
      SURVEY – TAICHUNG AIRPORT about your flight to Taichung airport (RMQ). We will provide shuttle bus on Friday (time depends on demand) and back on Sunday (12:15 from Lake hotel back to RMQ). It will be possible book it in Beast Runners eshop 3 months prior event. We will announce on website.
  • Q3. Can I pay fee by Credit card
    • A3. Credit card payment is possible only for credit card or Paypal NOT issued in Taiwan Dollar. For payment in Taiwan please use online banking or ATM to bank account: E SUN (808) / 0554-940-006524
  • Q4. How is weather and temperatures?
    • A4. Past 3 years was sunny day and cold nights. Temperatures during the day were pleasant (humidity too), however in open areas (behind cpB to D and C) may be negative effect of sun. In night temperatures may drop under 10°C. Water proof jacket is mandatory to carry on whole course. If you are slower runner you may prepare dry shirt and extra mid layer in drop bag of Check Point C (53k).
  • Q5. Is there parking space nearby venue?
    • A5. There is not possible park in venue of Solas hotel. First parking space is nearby and another close to Lake Hotel (see one map). Both has limited capacity, we recommend use shuttle bus and stay for whole weekend if you travel from Taipei.
  • Q6. Is there storage are for luggage, and shower in finish?
    • A6. YES. You can brink your luggage to race venue and mark it by stripe from your BIB number and let in storage area. There are WC and showers in Solas hotel. Another WC is 100m from finish line, you may https://goo.gl/maps/kod1crcCasA2 prefer that in busy morning time.
  • Q7. Can I receive support in Check Point from my crew.
    • A7. YES, but only in cpB and cpC. Check points A and D are remotely located and need 4WD car to access them. Please do not let your crew or family drive there (if drive is not skilled may have accident and block only access to these check points). We recommend cpC as best point to support runner of FUT 104km. Online results can find here (just some points has lack of data transfer): https://www.webscorer.com/beastrunners

News and Actualities

2020 Formosa Ultra Trail 104km has been selected as a qualifying race for the 2022 Western States 100.