FT2023 brief info

  • date – 25th November 2023 (run day)
  • VENUE – YCC Forest Campsite 緣溪行森林營地 (all 3 days)
  • COURSE: 10km,18km,~40km,~75km,~104km

FT2022 INFO EMAIL sent 16th November 2022:

BASIC INFO reminder

 Formosa Trail is coming this weekend.
We would like remind your some informations, more are on website: www.formosatrail.com

Formosa Trail 福爾摩沙古道即將在這週末展開~

COURSE did change

  • VENUE – 天水蓮大飯店 Lakeside hotel (all 3 days) START/FINISH
  • LOOP clockwise around the lake for FT104/75/40 and FT16 is add after start,
  • GPX for FT2022 is updated
  • please remember it is mandatory (and safe) to have a GPS device for FT40,FT75,FUT104 with uploaded course and STUDY it before game (know where are check points, and what intersection X-Y-Z,..)


  • 地點 – 天水蓮大飯店 Lakeside hotel (全程3天) 開始/結束
  • FT104/75/40 順時針環繞鯉魚潭,FT16 起跑後再開始後添加,
  • 請下載更新版的FT2022 GPX
  • 請記住,我們強制規定需要攜帶載有FT40、FT75、FUT104 活動路程的 GPS 裝置(安全性考量),並在活動前學習及研究路線(確定每個補給站在哪裡,X-Y-Z 的交叉點,..)



WATER, food and Covid prevention in Check Point 🚰

  • simple rule, what you touch others should not touch
  • in Check Points are various cookies, fruit and in cpB, cpC and cpD is cooked food
  • Water in CP are:
    • 600ml PET bottle – take and drink all
    • 1500ml PET bottle – only for refill your flask or bladder
    • COKE 2L or Supao – use your cup
    • 32GI mixture sport drink in cpC an cpD – use your cup
  • NO BOWLS, NO CUPS are provided, please bring your own bowl and cutlery (include food in venue)

補給站的水、食物和 Covid 預防 🚰

  • 簡單的規則:請不要觸摸別人的物品
  • 補給站裡提供許多種類的餅乾、水果,cpB、cpC 和 cpD 中提供熟食
  • CP中的水是:
    • 600 毫升 PET 瓶 – 隨取
    • 1500 毫升 PET 瓶 – 僅用於裝滿水壺/瓶或水袋包
    • 2公升的可樂或舒跑 – 請使用自備的環保杯
    • cpC 和 cpD提供32GI 混合運動飲料 – 請使用自備的環保杯
  • 不提供碗,杯子,請自備餐具(包含享用會場內的食物)


  • it is very pleasant weather here in Puli, sunny and not so humid, but it may change, so be prepared
  • But evening and night are cold – consider add mid layer for long distance runners (waterproof jacket is mandatory for 40,75,104km)

溫度和天氣 ☀️  

  • 埔里的天氣很宜人,陽光明媚,以防天氣變化,請務必做好準備
  • 傍晚和夜間氣溫驟降-參與長距離的朋友們,請務必保持保暖(40,75及104公里必須攜帶防水外套-強制性裝備)

SHUTTLE BUS from TAIPEI or morning from Puli️ 🚌




FOOD in VENUE and SUNDAY celebration

  • various food will be prepared in venue, with vegetarian option
  • please bring your own bowl
  • IMPORTANT – use BIB number to get drink or food
  • IMPOTANT – keep wristband which you will receive during the run, it is “ticket” for SUNDAY party and celebration which starts at 8am


  • 會場準備各種食物,有素食選擇 
  • 請攜帶餐具
  • 重要提示 – 請使用號碼布領取餐點及飲料
  • 重要 – 請保留您在活動期間收到的手環(信物帶),我們的工作人員以手環來辨識,為周日慶功宴的“入場券”,慶功宴從上午 8 點開始


  • Every finisher will receive gift, it is not classic medal
  • HANCHOR limited edition of MICA wallet in Formosa Trail design
  • after finish please visit Beast Runners BOOTH with your BIB number to get your finisher gift
  • surprise – finisher of FUT104 will receive FT edition of Compressport headband!


  • 每個完成者都會收到禮品,與以往使用的獎牌不同
  • HANCHOR特別為福爾摩沙古道設計的限量版 MICA錢包袋
  • 完成後,請攜帶號碼布前往跑山獸的攤位領取完成禮
  • 重大驚喜 !! FUT104 的完成者將獲得 FT 限量版 Compressport 壓縮頭帶!

Sponsors and partners 贊助商和合作夥伴

  • www.formosatrail.com/partners/
  • Footland
  • Compressport
  • Runivore
  • Aiwanderen (Otso)
  • Outdoor man (Altra)
  • BQ
  • Deer Run
  • RFS Required for Sports
  • Predator Shot
  • 32GI
  • Lakeside resort (venue)
  • 心心星公益

 Be safe and have fun and great weekend in Puli,

See you,
Petr & Eva 


Taiwan to end quarantine and adopt 7-day self-initiated prevention policy for arrivals on

more details: https://www.cdc.gov.tw/En/Category/ListContent/tov1jahKUv8RGSbvmzLwFg?uaid=nEBLnOPooDYFy_CBJqfWvg


  • Q1. Will be there shuttle bus from Puli center to race start?
    • A1. YES. But we currently negotiate with some hotels in Puli center to provide free transportation to race start to their customers. For not customers will be possible book morning shuttle bus in Beast Runners eshop 3 months prior event. We will announce on website.
    • A1. If capacity allows we recommend stay in Solas Hotel (race venue) or Lake Side hotel (race pack pickup, shuttle bus, 700m from start) during whole weekend include Sunday morning celebration!
  • Q2. Will be there shuttle bus from TAICHUNG aiport.
    • A2. YES. Due changes on flight we need you fill up short
      SURVEY – TAICHUNG AIRPORT about your flight to Taichung airport (RMQ). We will provide shuttle bus on Friday (time depends on demand) and back on Sunday (12:15 from Lake hotel back to RMQ). It will be possible book it in Beast Runners eshop 3 months prior event. We will announce on website.
  • Q3. Can I pay fee by Credit card
    • A3. Credit card payment is possible only for credit card or Paypal NOT issued in Taiwan Dollar. For payment in Taiwan please use online banking or ATM to bank account: E SUN (808) / 0554-940-006524
  • Q4. How is weather and temperatures?
    • A4. Past 3 years was sunny day and cold nights. Temperatures during the day were pleasant (humidity too), however in open areas (behind cpB to C and D) may be negative effect of sun. In night temperatures may drop under 10°C. Water proof jacket is mandatory to carry on whole course. If you are slower runner you may prepare dry shirt and extra mid layer in drop bag of Check Point D (53k).
  • Q5. Is there parking space nearby venue?
    • A5. There is not possible park in venue of Solas hotel. First parking space is nearby and another close to Lake Hotel (see one map). Both has limited capacity, we recommend use shuttle bus and stay for whole weekend if you travel from Taipei.
  • Q6. Is there storage are for luggage, and shower in finish?
    • A6. YES. You can brink your luggage to race venue and mark it by stripe from your BIB number and let in storage area. There are WC and showers in Solas hotel. Another WC is 100m from finish line, you may https://goo.gl/maps/kod1crcCasA2 prefer that in busy morning time.
  • Q7. Can I receive support in Check Point from my crew.
    • A7. YES, but only in cpB and cpD. Check points A and C are remotely located and need 4WD car to access them. Please do not let your crew or family drive there (if drive is not skilled may have accident and block only access to these check points). We recommend cpD as best point to support runner of FUT 104km. Online results can find here (just some points has lack of data transfer): https://www.webscorer.com/beastrunners

News and Actualities

2020 Formosa Ultra Trail 104km has been selected as a qualifying race for the 2022 Western States 100.